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Kollsman, Inc., is an international company committed to providing our customers with cutting edge technology and innovative designs. For over 75 years, we have maintained our reputation for high quality craftsmanship and exceptional product support. Our markets - Commercial Aviation Systems, U.S. Defense E-O Systems and Medical Devices - demand products with the highest standards of Quality, Performance, Accuracy and Reliability. Kollsman continues to meet and exceed these expectations. Today, Kollsman's systems can be found worldwide. We are proud of our ISO-9001 facility and our cost-effective manufacturing operations. We understand the importance of our worldwide support for our products and customers. At Kollsman, we design and manufacture all our products as if our lives depend on it!

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Kollsman Company Headquarters

In 1928, Paul Kollsman changed the world of aviation with the invention of the world's first accurate Barometric Altimeter.

Paul Kollsman

The year 2003 marked the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers' famed flight at Kittyhawk. No one at the time could ever have imagined how this event would forever change the world. Kollsman Avionics is extremely proud to have played a prominent role in the rapid developments in aviation following the Wright Brothers' Early Instrument Gauge historical flight. In 1928, Paul Kollsman invented the world's first accurate barometric altimeter. In 1929, Jimmy Doolittle demonstrated the feasibility of "blind flight" using the Kollsman barometric altimeter. This simple instrument became a vital element of aviation safety and Jimmy Doolitle technology, enabling the widespread growth of commercial aviation. Paul Kollsman's altimeter, which would be produced with a baro-set feature that became widely known as the "Kollsman Window", provided the basis for a company which went on to develop and manufacture altimeters and other cockpit instruments for virtually every aircraft produced in the Western world. Kollsman also supplied products for space exploration on US Apollo missions. Kollsman' sextant was instrumental in returning the astronauts safely to earth on the Apollo 13 mission.